Comedy Magic
Birthday Party Magician
Bobby with fellow magician friends
Good friend Extreme Escapist, Steve Santini
minutes before he escaped from the Old Lindsay Jail Oct 2010
At the 2007 World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas with Magician Harry Anderson
The Great Carl Ballantine - Apr 2008
The Great Carl Ballantine showing me a card trick - Apr 2008
Magicians, Bobby Motta, Mike D'Uzro, James Harrison & Bob
just finshed performing at the Rogers Centre for Ted Rogers 75th birthday
The man who started Bob's magic career
 Tony "Houdini" Curtis - 2009
January 2009 Lexus Event
Pictured from left to right, Bob, Bobby Motta, Mike D'Urzo & Baldini
Poland's Greatest Magician - Johnny Thompson
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